BvD Procurement Catalyst

Bureau van Dijk (BvD) is a global business intelligence provider and is known for its private international company information and detailed ownership data. Procurement Catalyst is a supplier risk platform that combines your supplier data and BvD’s company and risk data to get a complete view of current and potential suppliers. The platform is comprised of three parts: dashboard, search, and portfolio.

The dashboard is fully customizable and includes these views:

  • Risk Indicators – from various providers, including the MORE rating from modeFinance
  • Change of Supplier Risk Indicator – lets you know if a supplier has been upgraded or downgraded
  • Country – here you can see how many suppliers you have in a particular country
  • Change of Global Ultimate Owner – helps in ensuring that suppliers aren’t being purchased by a competitor or a high-risk or watchlist company
  • Legal Status – change in legal status (active, in liquidation, bankruptcy, dissolved, inactive)
  • Companies with New Accounts (financial statements) – here is where you view ownership data, in graph format
  • Company and Market News – newswires from FT, Reuters, Dow Jones and others
  • Mergers and Acquisitions – from Zephyr database

The search component allows you to search or browse for detailed company information, for international suppliers, or non-suppliers. It can be used for supplier discovery. The browse feature is very robust and can be combined with a text search, which aids in narrowing results.

The portfolio feature allows you to analyze your portfolio and get reports on spend distribution and key metrics. BvD’s detailed ownership data enables you to make ties to companies that previously looked unrelated. It gives total value of what you have expended to a particular group of related suppliers.

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