B2B Marketplace Innovation is a Hot Topic: Procurement Take Note

According to a projection made by Bank of America analyst Justin Post, there is a total addressable market for e-commerce B2B of $1.4 trillion by 2021. This projection was stated in a CNBC (Sheetz) article about market growth for Amazon Business which “is about twice the potential for [Amazon’s] core retail business.” The article also states: “B2B has many more hurdles to adoption given the complex (and often offline) procurement processes, but Amazon is driving steady adoption.”

Procurement should note that innovation is occurring at a steady pace and digital marketplaces of all types are jumping – and clearing – procurement process hurdles. Here is a sampling of marketplaces (mostly niche) that offer solutions that not only connect buyers of products and services to suppliers, but also address various procurement process roadblocks.

Kinnek – marketplace for small businesses and suppliers in bakery, beverage, industrial, lodging, and hospitality equipment where you can vet suppliers and control how to manage your payments

Vroozi – connects customers and suppliers in a unified full service e-procurement system with solutions for government, GPO, healthcare, manufacturing, media, oil and gas, and other industries

LandscapeHub – streamlines the procurement process in the nursery and landscape industry including pricing, vetting, logistics, and central payment

LeafLink – online marketplace for wholesale cannabis and provides a suite of products including streamlined ordering, CRM, reporting tools and fulfillment and shipment queues

RigUp – helps energy companies manage their contract workforce by providing access to independent contractors, handling sourcing and onboarding, and providing payment management tools

Open Mineral – cloud-based solution for buying and selling metal concentrates; offers access to smooth trade execution services such as freight, surveying, financing and insurance

iSpecimen – provides access to millions of biospecimens that meet precise research criteria and is a single point for compliance, contracting and order management

OpenMarkets – marketplace for healthcare equipment that is a one-stop shop to research suppliers and products, get quotes and stay organized through to point-of-purchase

Zageno – unifies crucial resources affiliated with Biotech products and research kits that provides cross-manufacturer comparison and integrates lab orders into administrative processes

TripActions – provides a corporate travel platform where business travelers can arrange flights, hotels and transportation and integrates with company HR and expense systems

Freightos – uses a SaaS-enabled marketplace model and helps in automating freight rate management, pricing/routing and business intelligence

Logistics/Trucking/Fleet Management – There is noticeable growth in this space where platforms allow for greater efficiency in booking shipments by connecting shippers and carriers in real time. A sampling of these include Loadsmart, TransfixConvoy, Uber Freight, and Cargomatic.



Photo by Roberto Lopez on Unsplash

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