Microsoft Edge Mobile Users Now Have Access to Fake News Fighter NewsGuard Ratings

NewsGuard, a company that is committed to tackling fake news and misinformation, has made its Green and Red ratings and “Nutrition Label” write ups of news and information websites available to Microsoft Edge mobile app users on iOS and Android. From the press release:

NewsGuard’s ratings cover websites that account for 96 percent of engagement online in the U.S. These ratings by NewsGuard’s trained journalists are based on nine journalistic criteria of credibility and transparency, applied equally to all news websites. In addition to the Green or Red rating, Microsoft Edge mobile users can also access a NewsGuard “Nutrition Label” write up about each website, explaining why the NewsGuard analysts rated the site generally reliable if it is rated Green or advise readers to proceed with caution if it is rated Red.

In August, 2018, Microsoft announced its work with NewsGuard as part of its Defending Democracy Program.

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