New CIPS/Mintec Partnership Offers Market Intelligence Support

In a recent announcement, CIPS (Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply) has partnered with Mintec Limited to help provide market insights and data to procurement professionals. Mintec offers independent global pricing information on commodities and raw materials. According to CIPS website:

“The data is available online in a dedicated area on the CIPS website and will include a summary of the Mintec Market  Reports (released monthly) on a range of commodities and raw materials such as foods, pulp and paper, plastics, metals, chemicals and energy, and providing a snapshot of one month’s activity, issues and risks. The market intelligence also includes detailed executive summaries, across a range of raw material based reports which contain a breakdown of key facts, production methods and fluctuating prices. In the coming months the knowledge will also include expert commentary, jargon busters, case studies, webinars, events and films.”

It is good to see Mintec expand on how they offer their excellent data.

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