Newly Launched BBQ Index Highlights Supply Chain Disruptions and the Meat Industry

C2ER, the publisher of the Cost of Living Index (COLI), launched a BBQ index (US) to signify which metro areas and states have the most and least expensive prices of ribeye steak, ground beef, pork sausage, and chicken.

States C2ER, “the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted supply chains in the meat industry, which sent prices soaring. The disruption in supply chains is multi-faceted, as are similar disruptions in other industries. Labor shortages, distortions in supply and demand, and transportation disruptions are just a few areas that have affected meat production.”

Highlights from the Index:

  • Alaska ranks as the most expensive state to purchase meat products and Mississippi as the least.
  • Fort Lauderdale, FL and Boston, MA prices increased by 35% and 25%, respectively, on average across each item since 2019. This rate of change far surpasses inflation by about ten-fold.
  • Meat product prices decreased in a select group of cities, but the rate at which prices decreased for those cities was nowhere near the magnitude in price increases experienced in many other cities.

Click here to access the interactive COLI BBQ map.

Image Credit: C2ER COLI BBQ Index

Access the interactive bar graph by clicking here to view changes in prices across each metro area, using the graphs drop-down filter function.

Feature Photo by Peter Pham on Unsplash

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