Announcing New Market Landscape Map Collection for Identifying Disruptors and Startups

Landscape maps are helpful in identifying startups that are innovating and disrupting in tech-forward markets and for discovering potential suppliers, partners, and/or competitors. The maps included in the collection cover supply chain/procurement and direct and indirect spend categories/markets. Many maps are open access, but some are subscription only. This is a new collection, not fully built out, so keep checking back often. The collection is a new addition to ProcureSearch hub. Here is a sampling of the maps currently in the collection:

CB Insights Market Map Archives – CB Insights produces many excellent market maps, such as B2B Payments Tech, Startups Reducing Plastic and Waste in the Packaging Industry, Companies Transforming Last Mile Delivery, Companies Digitizing and Streamlining Energy Management, and Innovators Using Blockchain and Crypto to Transform Industries.

Israeli Startup Landscape Maps Collection – VC Cafe’s Eze Vidra curates a wonderful collection of Israeli Startup Landscape Maps. Examples of categories include Digital Health, Insuretech, Passionware (B2SMB), Energy Tech, Cybersecurity Tech, and Industry 4.0.

PeakSpan and Art of Procurement’s Procurement Technology Market Map – Sixty categories are covered in this current, highly detailed map.

Better Food Ventures – Landscapes Covering the AgTech, Food Supply Chain, and Food Tech Sectors – Better Food Ventures provides industry analysis, landscapes and sub-sector specific deep dives of the quickly evolving ecosystems of the AgTech, Food Supply Chain, and Food Tech sectors.

Tech.KindEarth.Tech Maps (KET) – Alternative Protein, Dairy, Milk, Cheese, plus Algae and Fungi – Alternative-based foods are rapidly growing sectors as evidenced by the evolution of the KET landscape maps over the years. 

Thomvest Ventures Construction Technology Market – This market map includes more than 150 technology companies operating across every aspect of the construction process, ranging from seed stage businesses to public companies.

Alcott Global LogTech – This is the first version of the “Logistics Startup Community” map that includes companies that have at least 10 employees and/or a minimum revenue of 5 mil USD. The map was created in collaboration with IHS Markit, REFASHIOND Ventures, Cambridge Capital LLC and Thetius.

MarTech – Marketing Technology Landscape – This mind boggling map is off the charts! Compiled by Scott Brinker, editor of the Chief Marketing Technologist Blog, this map is now up to 8,000 martech solutions. Also, recently published is the Europe Technology Supergraph by Martech Tribe. You can also download individual country maps.

The Business of Corporate Training Landscape – This map highlights innovative training solutions that improve organizational performance and solve workforce challenges. “With so many companies offering a range of products and services, the training market is highly fragmented and difficult to navigate for buyers.”

FirstMark Data & AI Landscape – This map covers Infrastructure, Analytics and Machine Intelligence, Applications-Enterprise, Open Source, Data Sources & APIs, and Data Resources.

Photo by Stin-Niels Musche on Unsplash

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