Oxford’s Our World in Data Statistics and Research Site is an Excellent Resource for Detailed Coronavirus Country Comparison Data

University of Oxford and Global Change Data Lab’s Coronavirus Pandemic (COVID-19) Our World in Data research and statistics site provides detailed country profiles and global comparison data that is updated daily.

Country Profiles

For every country profile (207 in total) you can explore the data via interactive visualizations, with explanations of the data.

Every profile includes these four sections (directly quoted):

  1. Deaths: How many deaths from Coronavirus have been reported? Is the number of deaths still increasing? How does the death rate compare to other countries?
  2. Testing: How much testing for coronavirus do countries conduct? When did they start and how does it compare with other countries?
  3. Cases: How many cases were confirmed? How many tests did a country do to find one COVID-19 case? And is your country bending the curve?
  4. Government responses: What measures did countries take in response to the pandemic?

New Coronavirus Data Explorer

The new Coronavirus Data Explorer brings together global data on testing for COVID-19, and the counts of confirmed cases and deaths, where you can view the data in a straightforward line chart or in a trajectory chart and also view in world map format for every metric.

These breakout pages provide global data on the pandemic in detail (mostly directly quoted):

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