Rapid Ratings for Supplier Health Research

Rapid Ratings is best known for its quantitative Financial Health Ratings (FHR) and offers financial health analysis for both national and international (over 110 countries) public and private companies. They solicit private company financial information by building relationships with and educating (prospective) suppliers to ensure that disclosure is exclusive to the client being represented. The reports are written in an easy-to-understand manner and include an extensive use of color-coding and visuals. There are a variety of reports offered including individual company and portfolio risk reports that provide both analytics and commentary. The Peer Benchmark report compares an individual company to its industry peer group. Recently launched is the Company Comparison Report, which is a visualization tool that allows you to compare up to five public and private companies side by side. This is an impressive resource and well worth further investigation. Thank you Rose Kelly-Falls and Jennifer Harlan for the presentation and demo.

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