Researching Startups or Market Tech Ecosystems? Check Out These Landscape Maps Recently Added to Collection

Cottrill Research started curating a collection of Market Landscape Maps in mid 2021. You can use these to identify startups (and at times, established companies) that are innovating in various tech-forward markets and discover potential suppliers, partners, and/or competitors. Check out a sampling of recently added maps (note – most maps are accompanied by a nice analysis of the market and are embedded in the body of the text). The collection is slowly growing and can be found at ProcureSearch or the Cottrill Research website.

ProcureTech and Supply Chain

Bessemer Venture Partners – Modern Supply Chain Software Market Map, by Mike Droesch and Alice Deng. Creator quote: “Here’s the market map of the supply chain software categories we have been tracking closely. We have tried to focus largely on SaaS solutions, which is why you don’t see some tech-enabled service providers on the map, or some of the more capital-intensive and asset-heavy categories, like autonomous vehicles and warehousing solutions.”

The Sustainable Procurement Pledge and ProcureTech – Sustainable ProcureTech Ecosystem Map, by Lance Younger. Creator quote: “A growing ecosystem of over 240 solutions shifting procurement and enterprise-wide performance.” Answers the question, “Which digital technologies are driving sustainability in procurement?”

Kearney – Digital Procurement Ecosystem Spider Chart, latest release via LinkedIN post, by Dr. Elouise Epstein. Creator quote: “This is showing the expanse innovation in digital procurement …The key is the labels not the logos…I am not crowing winners, my hope is that each company does their own evaluations based on their unique needs.” For background, read The Future of Procurement: Moving Beyond Mediocre Technology.

Paua Ventures – The Paua ProcureTech-Landscape v02, by Felix Plapperer. Creator quote: “So, roughly two years after I published my first post on ProcureTech, it has evolved into one of the hottest investment areas in start-up land (.. fast time to value, measurable ROI, lots of data to work with, yada yada — remember?). This has created a flywheel effect and makes me super pumped about the years ahead.”

AgTech and Food

ReFed – Food Waste Reduction Landscape, by Alexandria Coari. Creator quote: “ReFED’s Food Waste Landscape Market Map provides a small snapshot of some of the solution providers working in the food waste space right now, many of which are actively seeking funding. The Food Waste Landscape Market Map is organized based on seven key action areas from ReFED’s ‘Roadmap to 2030: Reducing US food waste by 50%‘ report, which spans the entire food supply chain.”

TechTable and Culterra Capital – Restaurant Tech EcoSystem, by Brita Rosenheim. Creator quote: “In the past 18 months, technology solutions across the restaurant and hospitality industry evolved at such a fast pace that keeping up with changes proved challenging, even for those of us who work in the space. This rapid rate of adoption in the industry caused even the technophobes in hospitality to rapidly embrace tech solutions.”


Achieve Partners via Gap Letter – Jobtech Market Map (beginning on slide 7), by Ryan Craig with Ayesha Khan. Creator quote: “To date, most JobTech companies are tech-driven point solutions solving select problems like identifying or certifying talent. The next generation of JobTech companies provide full-stack pathways to employment, where employers identify high quality talent directly from sources (e.g., colleges), train them, and audit their capabilities before hiring talent full time.”

Advanced Tech

FirstMark – Machine Learning, AI and Data (MAD) Landscape, by Matt Turk and John Wu. Creator quote: “Just when you thought it couldn’t grow any more explosively, the data/AI landscape just did: rapid pace of company creation, exciting new product and project launches, a deluge of VC financings, unicorn creation, IPOs, etc…This is our eighth annual landscape and “state of the union” of the data and AI ecosystem.”

Jon Radoff (CEO Beamable) – Market Map of the Metaverse, by Jon Radoff. Creator quote: “For the purpose of clarity, I had to make some judgments about where to place certain companies and products [within the seven layers]: there are smaller or “hobby” scale projects across virtually all of the categories, and I didn’t attempt to recognize absolutely everything — but I think this is where most of the significant companies are located.”


Diana Yao (Tech VC) – ePharmacy Market Map, by Diana Yao. Creator quote: “In my last post, I discussed 7 trends I have observed from the rise of tech start-ups tackling pain points in the pharmacy industry, with a couple of companies as examples for each trend. As I come across more of the players in the pharmacy industry, I thought I’d re-summarize those trends and put them into the following categories…”

AlbionVC – Health Tech in Europe, by Christoph Ruedig. Creator quote: “Having reviewed the fundamentals and key drivers of change within the industry, we’ve mapped key digital pharma and digital care startups in Europe (including the UK)…This is not an exhaustive list of all startups in the European ecosystem, rather it outlines our view of market segments and key players within each.”

Photo by Riekus via Pixabay.

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