Resource of the Week: USDA Transportation Research Reports

USDA Transportation Research & Analysis Reports

Agriculture Marketing Service, US Department of Agriculture,

At the home page, click on “Transportation Research.” As part of the US Department of Agriculture (USDA), the Transportation Services Division (TSD) assists agricultural shippers via open access market reports, regulatory representation, economic analysis, and transportation disruption reports. The TSD tracks developments and provides research and analysis on the four major modes of moving food from farm to table, port to market – truck, rail, barge and ocean transport. Examples of helpful research reports include: Grain Transportation Report (weekly latest volume and price data for barges, railroads, trucks, and ocean vessels), Grain Truck and Ocean Rate Advisory Quarterly Updates, Weekly Ocean Shipping Container Availability Report, and Agricultural Refrigerated Truck Quarterly Report (national and regional truck rates, diesel fuel prices, truck availability, and shipments).

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