Safari Books Online Helps Professionals Keep Current on the Latest Technology, Business and Procurement-Related Books

Technology: No Place for Wimps! – Scott Adams

This quote is true because one of the many challenges faced by individuals who use, buy, or manage technology is keeping up with the industry’s rapid pace of change. There is nothing that gets outdated more quickly than an IT (information technology) book. Recognizing this reality, Safari Books Online was introduced in 2001 by O’Reilly Media and Pearson Education. This digital library service offers access to the most current eBooks and videos and is unique because it focuses exclusively on technology and business-related titles.

Safari currently provides access to over 24,000 professional books from over 200 high-quality and popular publishers such as O’Reilly Media, Peachpit, John Wiley & Sons, J. Ross, Addison Wesley, Prentice Hall, FT Press, IBM Press, Microsoft Press, Cisco Press, VMware Press, Adobe Press, Sams, and more. Also available are over 2,000 training videos and online courses from expert authors and speakers. Topics covered include: Analytics, Apple/iOS, Big Data, Business, Business Communication, Digital Media, Certification, Cisco, Creative Media, Databases, Information Technology/Operations, Java, Microsoft, Mobile, .NET, Networking, Personal and Professional Development, Project Management, and Security, to name a few.

The search function in Safari allows you to search across all books in the library to help precisely locate needed information. You can search by entire text (Everything), Title, Publisher, Author, or ISBN. Having the ability to search the entire text in a book is where the true value of eBooks comes into play.

Safari also has a solid collection of books that cover procurement-related topics such as risk management, strategic sourcing, and supply chain/logistics. Doing a search for books with “procurement” in the title produced 125 results. You can sort by date or relevance. When sorting by date, the most recent procurement titles are dated September 2014, (the date of this post is Sept, 5. 2014). In addition to technology and procurement-related books, there is a wealth of business reference and management books that can be accessed.

Individual, team, and enterprise subscription options are available. The most popular is the individual subscription for $39.00 a month. Many university and public libraries provide access to Safari as well.

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