Futurist Brian Solis on the Maker Movement and Its Impact on Supply Chain Transformation

In a recent blog post, Brian Solis offers up some food for thought as he writes about the maker movement and its impact on the supply chain. Brian defines the maker movement as “a manifestation of the DIY (Do It Yourself) or DIWO (Do It With Others) culture where everyday people design, build and/or market something that they want or need on their own rather than buying something off the shelf.” One of the “sub-movements” springing from this is the advance of 3D printing, also known by manufacturers as additive manufacturing. This is important because “essentially, consumers are becoming creators. Manufacturers are becoming suppliers. Businesses now face disruption and competition from the very people they used to sell to up and down the supply chain.” In tackling the question, “What happens when manufactures become the supply chain?” Brian writes that supply chains, just like other business services such as marketing, are not immune to the effects of digital disruption and changes in strategy and processes are required.

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