Sourcing/Supplier Intelligence Providers in Recent News

Beroe – In May, procurement intelligence and analytics provider Beroe announced a partnership with Makersite, a Stuttgart-based software and data technology company to integrate Makersite’s data with its Beroe LiVE.Ai platform. This will enable “procurement to assess the impact of supply disruptions, regulations or product changes on sustainability, compliance, costs, and risks” and “provide a transparent supply chain view from raw material to finished product.” This furthers their vision of helping “procurement to find alternatives for suppliers, sourcing location, material, and thus reducing impact of any disruption.” In June, Beroe announced its partnership with Mintec, a respected food and manufacturing price and analysis provider, to offer “market-leading price data & intelligence.” Beroe “will integrate the Mintec Category Indices for Oils and Fats, Meat and Poultry, Dairy and Cereals into its Beroe LiVE.Ai platform.”

Scoutbee – Scoutbee announced its new solution, Supplier Intelligence, at the ISM conference in May. This latest solution, formerly known as DeepSee, “is powered by a new, robust data foundation that uses AI and Scoutbee’s knowledge graph to map data from multiple areas, such as Scoutbee’s data ocean of over 10 million supplier profiles; Scoutbee’s extensive internet search; supplier- provided information, third-party supplier data, as well as supplier profiles already stored within organizations’ ERP systems.” According to the press release, the solution allows procurement teams to: 1. gain deep insights into their supply base (e.g., social, environmental, and business ethics performance); 2. compare existing suppliers based on supplier profiles that have been enriched by both Scoutbee and third-party data; 3. use this information to build a more diverse, agile, and sustainable supplier portfolio that can withstand current and future demands.

TealBook – Also in May, supplier data foundation provider, TealBook, announced new features to help customers implement, track and report on supplier diversity initiatives. “The latest enhancements include new ways to collaborate with suppliers and added reporting capabilities. The app makes it easy to directly communicate with suppliers through various functions, including requests to self-certify and renew contracts. Diversity reports can now be generated and saved to your account, then analyzed using the new comparison feature to investigate changes over time. TealBook’s supplier diversity offerings also include Tier 2 reporting to uncover additional diverse spend…TealBook’s new Economic Impact Assessment (EIA) measures how working with small and diverse companies generates revenue, creates jobs, and identifies impacts made to the local economy.”

Photo by Lucas van Oort on Unsplash

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