Advertising Research Provider WARC Relaunches WARC Data

WARC (The World Advertising Research Center) is a one-stop provider of research (mostly secondary) for advertising and media agencies, brands, market researchers, media owners, and universities. In October, WARC announced it has relaunched WARC Data, which provides benchmarks for media spend across various channels, categories and geographies. WARC Data harmonizes, aggregates, verifies and evaluates data from over 100 reputable sources and now includes data from new a collaboration with Nielsen. The improved WARC Data offers:

● Advertising investment: insights drawn from Nielsen Ad Intel data on net advertising investment by medium in 23 markets (additional markets coming soon)

● Advertising forecasts: covering 97 markets, including 19 product category projections by medium for 23 markets

● Benchmarks: ROI and media allocation benchmarks from successful campaigns to improve campaign performance

● Media Owner profiles: dynamic charts and datasets – updated quarterly – on media owners to guide understanding of the media landscape

● Data points: thousands of downloadable, ready-to-use charts and datasets on media spend, costs and consumption by channel, target audience and country (97 markets)

● Media costs database: media inflation forecasts for 50 markets and historic CPM and GRP data by medium and target audience for 62 markets

● Global Advertising Trends reports: an analysis of key advertising and media investment trends drawing on WARC’s entire range of market data, published monthly with a different focus for each edition

● Exclusive surveys: proprietary WARC survey results pertaining to mobile marketing and martech, as well as WARC’s Global Marketing Index – a monthly barometer of advertising budget growth and trading conditions by region

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