DHL Supply Chain Pricing Power Index and Daily Estimated Miles Driven Added to FreightWaves SONAR Platform

Photo by from Pexels

Two new indices have been added to FreightWaves’ freight market data and analytics platform SONAR:

Daily Estimated Miles Driven 
The Daily Estimated Miles Driven index is an estimation of the amount of miles driven in a day by a semi truck, or tractor, in the United States…The estimate of miles driven can display the amount of movement occurring for a given day and provides context to capacity.

DHL Supply Chain Pricing Power Index
The DHL Supply Chain Pricing Power Index is a weekly analysis produced by FreightWaves’ Freight Intel Group estimating the current negotiating power between shippers and carriers in regards to paper and spot rates.

The SONAR platform, launched in May 2018, “boasts more than 120,000 daily data points, with deep analytics around the entire global freight market, including trucking, rail, intermodal, maritime container, air cargo, and warehouse data, as well as thousands of data series that cover economics, census, and commodities.”


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