Bureau van Dijk’s Risk Platform is Upgraded to be More Scalable, Faster, and Modular

Source for Diagram: Bureau van Dijk

It was announced that Bureau van Dijk’s Compliance Catalyst 2 will be available November 1. It is a complete rebuild of BvD’s risk platform, Compliance Catalyst, which is powered by the Orbis entity database and known for its high quality private company information. Orbis offers:

  • Structured ownership data that allows for viewing changes over time and archived ownership
  • Database of relevant people within or connected to companies
  • Standardized financials that show viability and predictive indicators of a company’s financial strength
  • News sources and algorithms to show stories with a negative sentiment
  • Environmental, social and governance (ESG) risk data and metrics to assess the reputational risk associated with companies
  • Ability to flag individuals and companies that are matched against PEPs and sanctions lists
  • Vessel tracking against sanctions lists and entities linkage

Compliance Catalyst 2, according to Bureau van Dijk’s website, is more scalable, faster, and modular, allowing companies to quickly and efficiently analyze, assess, and monitor third parties. It’s an integrated solution that combines a company’s data, entity data from Orbis, and flexible due diligence screening all in one place.

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