ESG Data and Supply Market Resources: What’s New

The ESG (environmental, social, and governance) data trend keeps growing. One of the three trends identified in the 2020 Supply Market Research and Information Trends report was the “Growing Importance of ESG Data.” Now, ESG data is not only becoming an important component used in supplier due diligence research and ethical supply chain monitoring, it has evolved into being critical as highlighted by these recent announcements of new launches and product/service upgrades. Here’s a sampling.

Updates appear in descending order by launch/announcement date.

ProcurementIQ Previews New ESG Section in Reports – This month, ProcurementIQ previews the new ESG trends section of their popular procurement research reports. The ESG section will help in setting and improving sourcing goals, and help buyers recognize where they can focus their efforts when evaluating suppliers.

SupplyShift and Fast Forward – This month, SupplyShift announced that its platform will host Fast Forward, a next-generation labor standards improvement program for consumer goods and retail supply chains.

Risk Ledger Updates Framework – In August, supply chain risk management provider Risk Ledger (UK), updated their Standardized Supplier Assessment Framework to add a new domain which covers ESG risks in the supply chain.

D&B ESG Intelligence Launch – During Dun & Bradstreet’s Q2 earnings call in August, CEO Anthony Jabbour announced the launch of D&B ESG Intelligence, with ESG rankings that cover 12 ESG themes and 32 topic-specific categories to help compliance and procurement teams “track and report on specific ESG factors that increase growth and reduce risk.”

Moody’s ESG Score Predictor – In July, Moody’s launched ESG Score Predictor that generates real-time predicted ESG scores for millions of public and private small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) worldwide. Customers can access approximately 140 million company ESG scores on Moody’s Orbis database, Procurement Catalyst and Credit Catalyst platforms.

S&P Global ESG Releases – Earlier this year, S&P Global released two additional levels of ESG information covering environmental reporting disclosures, biodiversity commitments, direct and indirect CO2 and greenhouse emissions, waste/hazardous disposal, energy consumption and water usage. Scores are available on the S&P Capital IQ Pro platform and to the public (open access) through S&P Global’s ESG Website.

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