Everest Group’s COVID-19 Dynamic Tracker Shows How COVID-19 is Affecting Leading Offshore and Nearshore Locations

Everest Group has developed a dynamic tracker tool that tracks COVID-19 exposure among leading IT and BPO delivery locations to help organizations evaluate options to diversify their operational risk. According to the press release, the interactive tracker “provides a comparative view on COVID-19 risk exposure across locations and also how the risk has evolved in the last two months across 37 countries.” The tracker is updated every weekday.

When visiting the COVID-19 Dynamic Tracker:

  • By default, the tracker shows data for 18 leading offshore and nearshore countries
  • To find specific regions or countries, you can use the Region and Country drop-down selections in the the top left section, “COVID-19 Risk Exposure on Leading IT-BPO Delivery Locations,” to select from a list of 37 countries. For selected locations, you can click the play button to see changes over time in COVID-19 risk exposure
  • Other chart elements include COVID-19 Cases and Mortality Rate for Global Delivery Locations, Number of Delivery Centers (by Type) and Active COVID-19 Incidence Rate, and Number of Delivery Centers (by functional scope) and Active COVID-19 Incidence rate

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Photo by Paul Volkmer on Unsplash

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