Getting Off That Dead End Road


A big thank you to Amber Christian, Founder, ConsultAce, for writing an article entitled, Getting Off That Dead End Road, featuring my podcast, On the Road to Strategic Relevance. Here are her words about transforming organizations with technology:

…Many of us need growth and transformation, myself included. I’ve been preparing over the last month to be part of a panel presentation on opportunities in working capital management. Part of my role on this panel is discussing how technology can be leveraged and the challenges and opportunities this brings. One of the great opportunities I see is the growth of people and organizations. We are in a world where technology and big data are receiving a lot of hype. Yet many of us are struggling to understand how to transform our organizations and how technology can play a helpful role instead of being a hindrance. Further complicating matters, it is a competitive labor market – how are you supposed to find someone that actually has these skills? It can feel like Sisyphus trying to roll that boulder up the hill.

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