The Conference Board International Labor Comparisons

The International Labor Comparisons (ILC) program, formerly a division of the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, prepares economic indicators that are comparable across countries. Often statistics from different countries are not comparable and do not allow for meaningful comparative analysis. Using a common conceptual framework, ILC adjusts economic statistics to facilitate meaningful and accurate comparisons between countries, thus creating the ability to evaluate the economic performance of one country relative to others. The open access data consists of:

Manufacturing Productivity & Unit Labor Cost Trends

Manufacturing Hourly Compensation Costs – summary tables include:

  • Hourly compensation costs in manufacturing, in US dollars and as a percent of costs in the United States (US =100)
  • Average annual percent change in hourly compensation costs in manufacturing and exchange rates
  • Components of hourly compensation costs in manufacturing, US dollars, 2015
  • Manufacturing hourly compensation costs in China and India, in US dollars and as a percent of costs in the United States (US =100)

Employment Indexes and Unemployment Rates

Harmonized Indexes of Consumer Prices

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