GovExec Acquires Military Periscope and Government Contracting Institute

This move furthers GovExec’s transformation into a data and insights services company for the public sector.

GovExec, an information services provider for government leaders and contractors, has acquired two contracting intelligence properties: Military Periscope (Periscope), an open-source military data source provider, and Government Contracting Institute (GCI), a provider of a business opportunity and targeting tool that alerts federal government contractors of federal business opportunities. According to the announcement this is a continuation of GovExec’s transformation into a data and insights services company for the public sector. “Periscope and GCI are the newest intelligence tools fueling the company’s strategy, specifically for the federal and defense sectors. These new tools fit seamlessly within the existing GovExec portfolio, which supports government and defense contractors at every phase of the buying process, from opportunity research and identification to winning and fulfilling contracts.”

GovExec, for over 50 years, has been a leading information platform for federal, defense, and state and local agencies. GovExec’s brand and platform portfolio includes Government Executive, Nextgov, Defense One, Route Fifty, The Atlas for Cities, City & State New York, and City & State Pennsylvania.

The Government Contracting Institute was founded in 1982 to provide businesses and the federal government with a solution that more quickly publishes notices and has, over the years, expanded into a one-stop shop for government contracts.

Open-source military database provider, Periscope, was developed by the United States Naval Institute in 1986, and publishes data on the world’s military systems, orders of battle, equipment inventories, plans, and programs.

Photo by Andy Feliciotti on Unsplash

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