IDC’s New North America Distribution Tracker Provides View of Technology Distribution Data and Market Trends

IDC has partnered with the Global Technology Distribution Council (GTDC) to launch the North America Distribution Tracker. The Tracker provides a comprehensive view of technology distribution data and market trends in the U.S. and Canada. The combination of IDC’s deep market data with GTDC member “sales through” data allows for a comprehensive “view of movement and trends in the tech market [and analyzes] different routes to market from the tech supplier to the tech buyer.” The Tracker will be available for weekly and monthly delivery beginning in Q1 2022. According to the press release:

Capturing distribution data is crucial to understanding the technology market. While technology vendors sell their products directly to end users, those sales only represent around 40% of the market total. The remaining 60% of product sales go through distribution channels and partnerships. The data collected by GTDC members represent nearly 90% of total products sold through the 2-tier channel in North America.

Core data coverage:

  • Company/Brand (over 950 companies and 1,000 brands covered)
  • Product Group (14 technology categories) – These include: PCs, Server, Storage, Imaging, Network Infrastructure, Components & Sub Systems, Peripherals & Accessories, Security, Power, Services, Software, Audio Visual (AV), Cables, and Consumer Electronics
  • Product Category (over 40 technologies)
  • Product (over 80)
  • Product Detail (over 175 hardware product segmentations plus software and services)
  • Channel (Retail, eTailer, Dealer, VAR, Systems Integrator, Service Provider, Distributor)
  • Measures (Units, Value, ASP)
  • MPN (over 1.1M covered)
  • Model Attribute Segmentation Coverage for each Product Group

Who will benefit from using the Tracker:

  • Channel Chiefs – Leverage the data as a single point of truth to manage distribution relationships via quarterly business reviews.
  • Pricing Managers – Use the data at an attribute level to see how competitors are pricing through the channel from an overall category and down to the actual individual feature-set.
  • Category Managers – Track pricing actions and pricing tiers the competition is taking advantage of in each product segment.
  • Market Intelligence Managers – Create market share reports within the organization to provide insights to executives and business leaders on market drivers and competitors, to help direct strategy and capitalize on opportunities (website).

Image by fancycrave1 from Pixabay

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