Updates to StartupBlink’s Coronavirus Resilience Innovation Map Include New Categories of Commerce & Supply Chains and Digital Economy

StartupBlink, in partnership with the HIEX platform by UNAIDS, has released updates to the Coronavirus Resilience Innovation Map rankings. The rankings analyze how the world’s startup ecosystems are adapting to the new  world order brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.  According to StartupBlink, the rankings measure the output and creation of innovations by locations, and not the quality of their policies. The listings are added by StartupBlink and its partners, along with as crowdsourced input by the global community. They include innovations that had the greatest impact such as vaccines and new treatments.

You can use the Map to find the following information by utilizing the following categories:

  • Prevention – track the locations where the virus is widely spread, giving people the information that will help them avoid infected places
  • Diagnosis – the kits and methods that are used to identify people who have contacted the virus – find innovative new ways of diagnosis from around the globe
  • Treatment – the medicine and drugs that have shown results in improving the health of people with Covid-19, information on how people can get their medications without leaving their homes, information on ventilators & medical devices
  • Information – timely and accurate information about the crisis situation and ongoing innovations
  • Life and Business Adaptation – information on ways you can optimize the way we live with the coronavirus abound us, resources for education, community & menthol health, work, shopping and business
  • Commerce and Supply Chains – information on logistics and proptech (commercial real estate)
  • Digital Economy – mapping services such as delivery, ride-hailing, on-demand services and payments

Once you select a category on the map, a list of innovators (companies) appear on the left side of your screen with a map on the right showing the geographic breakdown of the innovators. You can filter by the subcategories provided. For example, for Supply Chains you can choose from Logistics, Ecommerce, Proptech, or Other.


Innovation Map showing Logistics innovators, a subset of Commerce and Supply Chains. Image Credit: StartupBlink

Key insights from the latest updated rankings:

  • US, Israel and Canada, ranked 1st, 2nd and 3rd respectively, have outperforming industries that have flourished during COVID, like Digital Economy, Smart Tourism, Diagnostics, Treatment among others.
  • Germany, Russia and Taiwan have shown a solid momentum.
  • Promising coronavirus innovations are emerging in Asia (Singapore, South Korea) and Australia. Kenya is the the highest placed African country.
  • San Francisco has the top spot of being the most resilient city in the Post Covid world.
  • San Francisco, New York and Boston are taking the lead on a variety of verticals such as Smart Tourism, On-demand services, Lifestyle, Ride-hailing, Online-food ordering and Telehealth Diagnostics. New York is known mostly for its Fintech startups.
  • In Canada, Toronto is in the sixth spot.
  • In Europe, Moscow is ranked 3rd globally and is still the highest-ranked city in Europe.
  • Spanish entrepreneurial hubs of Barcelona and Madrid have progressed in their rankings.
  • South Korea is investing heavily in startups and in efforts to decrease the legal risk for entrepreneurs.

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Photo by TETrebbien on Unsplash

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