The Undeniable Truth of Data Management: It Must Be Governed

Joseph DosSantos, Senior Director, Big Data Practice, EMC2 , in a December InFocus blog post touches on the realities in the world of Big Data and makes a strong case for the importance of data governance. More important, he offers an effective way organizations can address Big Data quality and governance issues. He proposes the “establishment of a two-tiered system that allows some users access to raw data without sacrificing quality required for some key business functions.” In addition, “Data Governance professionals will need to think about themselves as data librarians, helping users to locate the best available data for knowledge workers. They will then establish processes for allowing these knowledge workers to identify the most important data for conformity and quality in order to move it to the second tier. These are not competing objectives, but rather are complementary and essential in the age of information.” The article is worth the read and is filled with valuable insights.

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