What’s New: Market Intelligence Upgrades and Launches

BNC News and Insights Now Part of Dow Jones Factiva

Brave New Coin’s (BNC) digital currency market news and insights are now available on Dow Jones Factiva. “BNC Research and Insights provide unique future perspectives and asset analysis by leveraging its expertise across the Techemy Group, a stable of blockchain infrastructure companies that spans digital identity, blockchain development, advisory, trading and professional fund management…BNC is expanding its insights offerings with BNC Research and podcasts and recently joined KPMG and R3 as a member of Wall Street Blockchain Alliance — a non-profit trade association.”


Clarivate Analytics Launches Cortellis Digital Health Intelligence

The life science industry, according to Clarivate Analytics, is experiencing growth in digital health and patients are actively integrating technologies into their healthcare. In response, they have launched Cortellis Digital Health Intelligence to address “the need for better information and more robust analytics on digital technologies used in drug/device development and patient-centric care.” The press release reported that “in the US alone, 64% of patients have adopted a digital device (including mobile apps) to manage their health, and 62% of healthcare systems and hospitals use digital health devices in their clinical care programs.”


The Publications Division of the American Chemical Society (ACS Publications) Launches Redesigned Web Delivery Platform

The Publications Division of the American Chemical Society (ACS Publications) announced the launch of a fully redesigned web delivery platform (pubs.acs.org). “This platform delivers global access to all ACS journals and books, as well as to the C&EN Global Enterprise edition. The website supports over 6,000 universities, corporations and government research centers worldwide, hosts over 1.4 million peer-reviewed articles and delivers over 130 million article requests per year. This new website offers enhanced features and functionality for authors and researchers, including a more intuitive user interface, prominent article metrics, sophisticated browsing, and a responsive, mobile-friendly design.”

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