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Supply Market Intelligence, Procurement, Supplier Management, and Strategic Sourcing Research Services

Cottrill Research provides quality research services that focus on supply market intelligence. Cottrill Research, following the belief that authoritative information does not always have to be expensive, investigates all types of research resources, including those ranging from open access (free) to costly fee-based subscriptions, and everything in-between. Business is conducted with the core values of helping and educating.

Supplier risk has become a topic of great importance. This has led to a more focused examination of supplier intelligence and the need to understand the markets and industries in which suppliers are operating. Cottrill Research helps procurement departments with their research needs, either by supplying the research directly, or by providing training and education on how to select the best resources to use/purchase and how to effectively and efficiently perform research. The training focuses on selecting the correct resources, always with an eye for value and with the understanding of the importance that quality information plays in the critical decision-making process.

Competitive Intelligence Research Services

Cottrill Research also provides competitive intelligence research services that help you discover and understand your competitors’ strategies and key events, which, in turn, lets you stay one step ahead.

The Value of Cottrill Research

Whether the need is for competitive or supply market intelligence, Cottrill Research can help you when you have a one-time research project or need ad hoc assistance. Ongoing consultation services are available as well.

Here is a sample list of intelligence Cottrill Research can supply:

  • Supplier and competitive landscape in specific markets and spend categories
  • Identify and analyze top competitors in any industry/market
  • Best practices research including case studies and benchmarking
  • Monitoring of industries, suppliers, and competitors
  • Detailed industry/market research including trends and operating conditions
  • Detailed company/supplier research – both private and publicly-held

Cottrill Research focuses on:

  • Delivering customized data that is actionable
  • Aggregating information to aid in decision support
  • Providing decision-oriented data analyses that are cost-effective and time-sensitive
  • Providing training on research skills and the best resources to use/purchase for your specific areas of concern