Hyperwallet’s 2019 Marketplace Expansion Index Ranks Countries Based on International Expansion Viability

Chart source: 2019 Marketplace Expansion Index by Hyperwallet

For the second year, the Hyperwallet Marketplace Expansion Index provides an analysis and ranking of countries showing their international expansion viability. Data was analyzed and a set of key expansion readiness factors were identified and grouped into four categories: Infrastructure, Ecommerce Activity, Foreign Competition, and Workforce. Data was split into 11 sub-parameters within each of the four sectors:


  • Payment infrastructure
  • Ease of doing business
  • Logistics infrastructure
  • Digital payment infrastructure

Ecommerce Activity

  • Retail ecommerce market size
  • Retail ecommerce growth
  • Ecommerce as a percentage of overall retail


  • Level of English proficiency
  • Availability of freelance employment

Foreign Competition

  • Global marketplace access
  • Cross-border transactions

Analysts then ranked and grouped the top 36 countries across those categories into one of three tiers: Established, Emerging, and Evolving.

“The Big Movers” is a new category that was added to this year’s index and consists of eight countries that highlight the markets that have seen significant change over the past 12 months. Big Movers up were Nigeria, France, Japan, and South Korea and Big Movers down were India, South Africa, Turkey and Indonesia.

The open access full index report is 139 pages. For each identified Established, Emerging, or Evolving country there is an analysis statement, specific category and parameter scoring, facts to remember, essential reading recommendations, and pro and con statements.

Hyperwalllet provides mass global payout technology and was acquired by PayPal Holdings in November 2018.

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