Continuously Updated: Supply-Related Market Intelligence Providers Are Providing Free and Specialized Offerings During COVID-19 Outbreak

Updated August 9, 2020

Many supply-related market intelligence providers are stepping up by providing free and specialized offerings in response to the COVID-19 outbreak. Here is a selected listing that is continually updated.

CIPS – Charter Institute of Procurement & Supply
CIPS Coronavirus Content Hub provides daily updates, news stories, whitepapers and all relevant resources to support the profession at this time. On both a micro and macro level, the COVID19 Coronavirus impact challenges will need to be managed through local and global supply chains and their resources will help support efforts.

Coupa Business Spend Index (BSI) is a leading indicator of economic growth based on analyzing business spend decisions of hundreds of companies that use the Coupa platform. Coupa is providing additional trend patterns on purchases in key categories to show the impact coronavirus is having on corporate spending and will continue to update on a monthly basis.

Dun & Bradstreet
Dun & Bradstreet has launched the COVID-19 Impact Index. The Index supplements Dun & Bradstreet’s risk scores and provides a view of the potential impact of the pandemic on a business’ operational activity, as well as its network of suppliers and customers. It is available in North America and is expected to launch in the U.K. and other regions in the coming weeks.

Everest Group
Everest Groups’s COVID-19 Dynamic Tracker shows how COVID-19 is affecting leading offshore and nearshore locations around the world and tracks exposure among leading IT and BPO delivery locations. The tool helps companies evaluate options to diversify their operational risk.

Experian is offering all American-owned small businesses free access to their Experian business credit report from now until May 1, 2020 and has launched its free COVID-19 U.S. Business Risk Index to assist lenders and government organizations in understanding how to make lending options available to the business segments that need it the most.

Farms to Feed Us
Farms to Feed Us has developed a database to channel the current high levels of interest amongst the public to promote purchases from small producers, many that have exclusively supplied restaurants and have had to completely redesign their business to adapt to the changing situation during the crisis.

The Forrester COVID-19 Insights Hub, “Responding, Managing, And Leading During A Pandemic,” provides insights and guidance for leaders to address the growing business and employee experience implications of COVID-19, covering Employee Experience, Security and Risk, Tech, CX and Marketing.

FTR Transportation Intelligence
The FTR State of Freight COVID-19 Intelligence hub is a resource that provides complimentary transportation insights and commentary on how COVID-19 prevention steps are affecting the economy and transportation markets. The Intelligence Hub offers a new interactive dashboard and two indices: COVID-19 Truck Freight Recovery Index and COVID-19 Rail Freight Recovery Index.

Global Business Travel Association
The Global Business Travel Association Coronavirus Resources and News Hub provides key news stories and results from its lightning polls. To understand the coronavirus’s effects on business travel, the lightning polls answer questions concerning canceled or suspended business travel due to the Coronavirus.

Public sector supplier discovery provider GovShop is working to crowdsource and highlight opportunities that can help with the emerging government supply and service needs. GovShop allows for users to browse COVID-19 opportunities, browse COVID-19 related suppliers, and access a portal where COVID-19 suppliers can register.

IBISWorld offers industry research reports and has developed the Industry Exposure Tool to help companies understand which industries have high trade exposure to China. Also being offered is a Coronavirus Update Industry Fast Facts list that outlines how the spread of the virus is impacting sectors across the countries where IBISWorld operates, including Australia, Canada, Germany, New Zealand, the UK and the US.

International Data Corporation (IDC) has launched a new index of leading indicators for IT spending. The COVID-19 Tech Index uses a scale of 1000 to provide a directional indicator of changes in the outlook for IT spending and will be updated every two weeks.

IHS Markit
Market intelligence provider IHS Markit offers the IHS Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resource Center, which provides insights and special reports covering the coronavirus impact across energy, natural resources, maritime, trade, transportation and the financial services. You can bookmark the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resource Center to find regular updates, data and more in-depth analysis.

Indian River Consulting Group
Indian River Consulting Group is each week tracking a snapshot of year-over-year distributor revenue with their Pandemic Revenue Index (PRI).

Informa Pharma Intelligence
Informa Pharma Intelligence launched a free coronavirus (COVID-19/SARS-CoV-2) content hub that includes R&D and clinical trial landscapes, news, and market events for potential therapies and vaccines. An interactive dashboard provides high-level summaries of pipelines, clinical trials, market events and catalysts, and recent articles related to the COVID-19 therapies and vaccines in development.

Institute for Supply Management
The Institute for Supply Management has launched its first Hospital PMI, which delves into areas that specifically cover hospital supply chains. “Amid the COVID-19 global pandemic, the Hospital PMI represents a significant opportunity to assess and better understand domestic hospital supply chains.”

International Monetary Fund (IMF)/Stanford
IMF, with Stanford, has developed the World Pandemic Uncertainty Index (WPUI)—a sub-index of the World Uncertainty Index— that measures economic uncertainty related to pandemics and other disease outbreak. The Index quantifies uncertainty related to the coronavirus crisis and compares it with previous pandemics and epidemics.

IRI has added the IRI CPG Supply Index to its online COVID-19 Info Portal and Data Dashboard. The new tool provides a standard metric for tracking weekly changes in the availability (in-stock rates) of CPG products in absolute terms as well as a relative measure compared to pre-pandemic levels across departments, retail formats and regions.

Leavitt Partners
The Torch Insight COVID-19 Burden Index Projections analyzes hospital and ICU burden and estimates the total hospital bed and ICU capacity in counties and hospitals given current and projected COVID-19 case levels.

Vienna-based startup Prewave provides a technology for managing risks in supply chains with artificial intelligence. It is offering it’s Corona Virus Disruption Map to the public. This map shows the effects of the coronavirus pandemic in industrial supply chains and currently focuses on hotspots important for industrial production such as China, the USA, India and in Europe on Austria, Germany, Italy, Spain, France and Great Britain.

Supply chain visualization provider Resilience360, via their COVID-19 Supply Chain Resource Center, has made special reports, daily updates and weekly webinar briefings complimentary, with content from their Incident Monitoring platform. The Daily Updates provide information on government-mandated city or production shutdowns, impact on manufacturing operations, and logistics-related impacts.

Supply chain risk management software provider Resilinc is launching the Healthcare Exchange. According to Healthcare Purchasing News, healthcare procurement organizations will be able to interact with each other “to identify, locate and exchange critical healthcare products offered by other similar hospitals, corporate entities or public organizations.”

To better track the impact of COVID-19 on middle market business sentiment, RSM is measuring and reporting the US Middle Market Business Index monthly during the pandemic. RSM US LLP and The Harris Poll collect business outlook data from middle market firms via quarterly surveys of the Middle Market Leadership Council to accurately reflect conditions in the middle market.

S&P Global Market Intelligence
S&P Global Market Intelligence is offering complimentary access to Panjiva’s Supply Chain Intelligence platform to hospitals, relevant government agencies and local government agencies at the state, local and federal levels so they can track and manage inventory of essential equipment such as PPE, including N95 masks, gloves, gowns, and face shields.

SAP Fieldglass
SAP Fieldglass has announced the launch of SAP Fieldglass External Talent Marketplace, a solution to help organizations quickly find and hire the temporary workers they need to support business continuity, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. The new solution is available at no charge in the United States through December 31, 2020.

scoutbee launched an online service that provides free help to organizations performing emergency sourcing of critically needed medical equipment and supplies including surgical masks, hazmat suits, swabs and tubes etc. From today until 30 April, organizations struggling to source urgently needed supplies can make a request for an AI powered supplier search.

Spend Network
To help public sector buyers around the world combat the Covid-19 emergency, Spend Network has built their free supplier search tool that allows buyers to search for suppliers around the world that provide critical goods and services. By searching for a particular term users can be instantly connected to a global network of suppliers that have already traded with the public sector.

All of Statista’s COVID-19 content is free to access. Statista provides statistics, consumer survey results and industry studies from over 22500 sources on over 60000 topics. Statista’s COVID-19 coverage provides up-to-date statistics that report and explore the geographic, political, and economic implications of the pandemic.

To be part of the solution during COVID-19, supplier intelligence provider Tealbook is offering free vendor reports to any organization worldwide who needs help finding new suppliers. Businesses will receive a report that includes relevant suppliers gathered from over 400 million of the most trafficked global websites in addition to Tealbook’s 3.4 million visible supplier profiles.

Industrial marketplace platform provider Thomas offers the Coronavirus Resource Hub for Manufacturing, which has quite a few useful resources. Found here is an updated listing of U.S. business shutdown orders, identification of North American suppliers for surging, essential categories of products and services and articles, and a shipping and logistics update tracker.

University of Oxford and Global Change Data Lab
University of Oxford and Global Change Data Lab’s Coronavirus Pandemic (COVID-19) Our World in Data research and statistics site provides excellent detailed country profiles and global comparison data that is updated daily.

Wonolo is a technology platform provider that connects people to jobs. Wonolo’s newly launched Essential Business Growth Indicator, to be updated weekly, helps provide a snapshot of the growth at “essential” businesses amid COVID-19.

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