These October Supplier/Supply Chain Intelligence Announcements Are More Interesting Than Scary!

S&P Global – On October 2, S&P Global Market Intelligence announced the launch of Supplier Risk Indicator, a new solution that provides companies with an integrated view of supplier risk across core risk dimensions. Supplier Risk Indicator risk dimensions:

  • Resilience – Comprised of S&P Global Market Intelligence’s RiskGauge, a multi-dimensional assessment of a company’s credit risk and Location Risk, a comparative risk framework for 211 countries and territories covering six aggregate risk categories: political, economic, legal, taxation, operational and security.
  • Conduct – S&P Global ESG Scores and Raw Data, developed by S&P Global Sustainable1, measures a company’s performance on and management of material ESG risks, opportunities, and impacts.
  • Information Security – Cybersecurity ratings provided by SecurityScorecard rate an organization’s cybersecurity posture on an easy-to-understand letter-grade system on an “A” through “F” scale. This score is based on hundreds of threat indicators across 10 critical cybersecurity domains (S&P Global press release).

Altana – In the first week of October, Altana released its latest AI iteration of the Altana Atlas. The Atlas uses public and private data to map the supply chain, in addition to a large language model-informed assistant that responds to questions. The release allows for a common operating picture with counterparties across a supply chain. “As goods flow through the global supply chain, they can generate records like product orders, customs declarations, freight bookings and other data points that are not only arranged in different formats but are also composed in a variety of languages. Altana’s Atlas uses AI to synthesize that raw data to put it into a standardized, canonical representation of how products and their inputs move through the supply chain between companies from the bottom up” (Revell).

Scoutbee and SAP – Scoutbee and SAP announced, on October 9, its expanded partnership which sees Scoutbee integrating Scoutbee Discovery with the SAP Ariba Sourcing solution. “With the integration, companies running a sourcing event in SAP Ariba Sourcing will be able to instantly pull in new suppliers from Scoutbee that meet key sustainability, diversity, cost, and risk criteria and add those suppliers directly into the sourcing event, all without having to leave the event screen.” Availability is planned for the first quarter 2024 (Business Wire via Morningstar).

Everstream Analytics – According to Chief Meteorologist at Everstream Analytics, John Davis, extreme weather is the cause for higher sugar prices, which could also include Halloween candy. “This has been a very tough year for global sugar. If you look at the top ten producing countries this year, six of them have had extreme weather.” Over the 2023/24 growing season, extreme weather is expected to decrease the global sugar supply by 10% to 15% (Andrews).

Image by SzaboJanos from Pixabay

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