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IDG Recognizes Booming UK Tech Scene and Expands Coverage for Comprehensive Tech Buying

In acknowledging the booming UK tech landscape, IDG has announced new UK-focused enterprise brands: Launch of CSO UK – a security brand helping technology and business leaders stay ahead of…

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AlphaSense and IPlytics: Two AI and Machine-Learning Driven Market Intelligence Platforms To Keep an Eye On

AlphaSense Jack Kokko and Raj Neervannan launched AlphaSense, out of New York, in 2011 and now more than 1000 corporate and financial clients are using the platform. They have taken…

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Golden’s Impressive Mission to Fill Knowledge Gap for Emerging Technologies, New Startups and Ideas

Initial View: Golden offers exciting possibilities for innovation intelligence, especially with startup supplier and competitive landscape discovery CEO and founder Jude Gomila of Golden is a big fan of Wikipedia…

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